Each property is unique, and all owners and every Board have different expectations from their manager.

In recognising this, we offer an experienced team who support each other to provide the desired flexibility within the parameters of quality service stipulated by our internal policies and procedures.

The Basic Set of Services we offer can be categorised into five component areas intrinsic to Property Management :

    Financial Management

  • Provide guidance in strategic long term financial planning
  • Facilitate Reserve Fund Investments
  • Timely collection of common element fees and any other income due to the corporation
  • Preparation of annual budget for board consideration
  • Preparation of owners' budget for distribution
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements
  • Verification of all expenses billed to the corporation - perpetual and single purchase order system
  • Negotiation of discounts of benefit to the corporation
  • Administer chargebacks to owners or contractors as required
  • Preparation of all papers for annual audit by Auditor
  • Administer Electronic Fund Transfers to optimise monthly cash flows
  • Implement early payment to take advantage of discounts if available
  • Monitor shared facility agreements to ensure maximum recovery
  • Administration

  • Attention to all owners questions
  • Administration of bylaws and corporation rules
  • Prepare and deliver welcome package to all new owners
  • Introductory informal meetings for new owners as numbers require
  • Inspection of exclusive use common elements prior to issuance of status certificates
  • Facilitate bookings and payment for common element facility rooms
  • Facilitate elevator bookings
  • Post notices to owners to advise of current items (elevator in service, water shut off work in progress etc)
  • Prepare Newsletters for owners
  • Regular update of Fire Safety Plans
  • Standing Orders for Emergency situation or security concerns.
  • Orientation booklet for new directors.
  • Negotiate/ modify contracts to corporation benefit
  • Produce summary condominium documents for owners
  • Enforce Provincial and Municipal legislation as required
  • Protect directors by ensuring adequate professional guidance is offered
  • Chair meetings as required
  • Building Maintenance - Structural, Mechanical & Aesthetic

  • Regular Condition reports by Managers on all aspects of the building
  • Prepare and maintain Logs
  • Prepare and implement a preventative maintenance programme
  • Renegotiation of contracts for maintenance to ensure competitive prices
  • Supervision or inspection of all visible work performed
  • Ensure all contractors have current WSIB, liability insurance and HR safety programme
  • Human Relations

  • Participate in Joint Health & Safety Committees
  • Manage all onsite staff
  • Facilitate appropriate training for staff
  • Provide ongoing feedback to staff
  • Ensure all staff are adequately trained in safety issues
  • Prepare clear job descriptions for all staff
  • Regular reviews of staff performance
  • Maintain awareness of industry conditions and salaries for report to board
  • Organise employee cross training to minimise disruption
  • Maintain a safe work environment for all staff
  • Provide 24hr pager support for staff
  • Provide emergency pager for owners use
  • Long Term Planning

Often you will see a property manager guiding a property through several changes in board members. The task of the property manager is to carry forward the plans of the coproration and modify it with the sepcific requests and motions of each board, rather than having boards develop new goals for the property with each change in membership.